четвртак, 07. новембар 2013.

Сајт Co-operative News: Промет 300 задруга преко 2 два трилиона долара

На сајту Co-operative News  је објављен чланак о промету 300 врхунских задруга у свету.
Промет је преко 2 трилиона долара (преко 2000 милијарди долара).

The world’s top 300 co-operatives have continued to grow, achieving an overall turnover of USD $2,097 billion in 2011. The results of the survey confirm an increase from 2010, when the world's top 300 co-operatives, distributed in 24 countries, had a turnover of USD $1,975 billion.

Released at the Global Conference of the International Co-operative Alliance, the World Co-operative Monitor collected data on the world’s largest co-operatives as of 2011.

By applying the Global300 methodology to data collected by the World Co-operative Monitor, the ICA, with the support of EURICSE, identified the top 300 co-operatives and mutuals in terms of revenue. This exercise revealed that the world’s top 300 co-operative and mutual organisations, spread across 23 countries, were worth over USD $ 2 trillion.

Over 41 per cent of these co-operatives were active in the insurance sector, followed by agriculture (28 per cent), wholesale (21 per cent) and banking and insurance (5 per cent).

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